Trainers, The Water- and Dragon-type Spatial Pokémon, Palkia has now joined the raid battle and will be now available till February 28 at 1:00 p.m. PST

You can check-out the Countdown Timer of Event at PokeTimer

Along with Palkia the Raid Tier list also got updated much time in the last 12 hrs, so after many reports, below is the complete confirmed list of Raid Boss Tiers!

Current Raid Boss List

Tier:Raid Bosses:
Tier 1BuizelDratiniFeebasMagikarpShinxSwablu
Tier 2Alolan ExeggutorKirliaMawileSableye
Tier 3AlakazamAzumarillGranbullMachamp
Tier 4AbsolAlolan MarowakTogeticUrsaringTyranitar
Tier 5Palkia

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Palkia Raid Boss Counter Infographic