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Pokemon GO: In-game Changes to Keep Global Player Community safe from Coronavirus Outbreak

Trainers, Based on the current global health situation, Niantic and Pokemon GO Team have teamed up and have made several in-game changes in the Pokemon GO to keep the global player community safe from the Coronavirus Outbreak. The changes include… Continue Reading →

Clone Pokemon during Pokemon Day in Pokemon GO – What is a Clone Pokemon?

Trainers, Clone Pokemon are going to make its debut in Pokemon GO during the Pokemon Day event. The Clone Pokemon forms of Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise and Pikachu will be available in Pokemon GO during the Event. Everyone is so much… Continue Reading →

Leak: Minccino Quests and Sponsored Stop Editing

Trainers, A few small changes have been made in the GAME_MASTER and it is probably related to the new upcoming event.  Following is the list of changes discovered by the data miners: Two new Minccino quests added POI Editing of… Continue Reading →

35 New Gen 5 Pokémon and Trade Evolution Added to Pokémon GO

Trainers, New Year Started and Niantic is back with surprises, A new feature called Trade Evolution is now live in Pokémon GO! Additionally, 35 new Unova region Pokémon have been released into the world of Pokémon GO, some of which… Continue Reading →

Pokemon GO: January Field Research Tasks and Rewards

Trainers, Lapras which knows Ice Shard and Ice Beam is now available as a Field Research breakthough reward for the month of January and In addition new field research tasks and rewards have been introduced. Few quests which are catching everyone… Continue Reading →

Team GO Rocket Leaders New Pokemon Lineup and New Shadow Shiny Pokemon

Team GO Rocket Leaders Sierra, Cliff and Arlo are now ready with new Shadow Pokemon Lineup and can reward you with an opportunity to catch new shiny shadow Pokémon: Bagon, Stantler and Absol. We’ve also updated the new lineup in… Continue Reading →

Holidays 2019: Boosted Spawns, Research Tasks, New Pokemon, New Shinies and Much more

Trainers, The Pokemon GO 2019 Holidays Event which starts at 12:00 a.m. December 24 in your local time zone is now live in many countries. This means as soon as the clock hand touches the 12AM, New Event Spawns, Shinies… Continue Reading →

Pokemon GO: GO Battle League, Move Update, New Attacks and Legacy Attacks

Trainers, Major changes are coming to Pokemon GO very soon! Niantic revealed the upcoming GO Battle League preview, several incredible moveset changes and the Increased Pokemon Spawns in the areas! GO Battle League The GO Battle League will be a… Continue Reading →

Pokemon GO 0.163.0: Buddy AR Adventure, New Loading Screen, Multiple AR, New Assets and Much More

Trainers, Hold your seats as the hype train is getting closer and we can say this is the most exciting update so far, A new version of Pokemon GO 0.163.0 is rolling slowly for Android and its Data Mine report suggests… Continue Reading →

Leak: Pokemon GO AR Buddy v2, Party Hat Forms, New Gen 5, New Stones, Quests and 2020 Glasses

Trainer,  hold on your seats as this update is huge and we can say this is the most exciting update if you love your buddy Pokemon and Gen 5 Pokemon. Recently a lot of Data was pushed in the network traffic… Continue Reading →

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