The Pokemon GO Surprise Tricky Event is now live in few countries, bringing new Raid Bosses, Increased Prankster Pokemon Spawns, Egg Hatches, New Pokemon New Wild Shinies and lots of Ditto.

Event Date: The event lasts from Wednesday, April 1, 2020, at 8:00 a.m. to Tuesday, April 7, 2020, at 10:00 p.m. local time.

  1. Increased Spawns
  2. New Pokemon Debut
  3. New Wild Shinies
  4. Research Tasks
  5. New Raid Boss List
  6. Egg Hatches
  7. Surprise Pokemon in GO Snapshot
  8. Ditto new forms

We’ve also updated the Egg Hatch List, Raids list and Research Task in the GO Field Guide App – Support GO Field Guide on Patreon ❤️

Increased Spawns

The list of below Pokemon Spawns has increased with the start of the Tricky event.

Pokemon GO GastlyGastlyShiny
Pokemon GO HaunterHaunterShiny
Pokemon GO VoltorbVoltorb 
Pokemon GO SudowoodoSudowoodoShiny
Pokemon GO AipomAipomShiny

New Pokemon Debut

Along with the start of the event, Stunfisk have joined the Pokemon GO Family.

For the duration of the event, Stunfisk will be available as Field Research task reward encounters and—if you’re extremely lucky—in the wild.

After the event ends, Stunfisk will no longer hatch from 5 km Eggs. You’ll be able to encounter Stunfisk as Field Research task reward encounters or, if you’re very lucky, in the wild.

Stunfisk Pokédex: stats, moves, evolution & locations | Pokémon ...

New Wild Shinies

Timburr Shiny Family Comparison, A Go Battle League Season 1 ...

Shiny Croagunk Family has also made its debut in Pokemon GO.

Research Tasks

New Research Tasks has been released and are now live available from the Pokestops.

Earn 3 Candy Walking Your BuddyStunfisk
Feed a berry to your buddySudowoodo
Catch 3 DittoCroagunk

New Raid Boss List

New April Fool Event Pokemon have joined the Raid Battles in the Gym.

We’ve also updated the Raids list and its counter in the GO Field Guide App

Tier:Raid Bosses:
Tier 1KlinkCroagunk(s)Timburr(s)Wobbuffet
Tier 2SableyeMisdreavus(s)Sudowoodo(s)Mawile(s)Sneasel(s)
Tier 3GengarAlolan Raichu (s)Alolan MukBanette
Tier 4TyranitarShiftryGolemDrapion
Tier 5Landorus (Incarnate Form)

Egg Hatches

Along with Stunfisk, few other Pokemon have joined the 5KM Egg Hatches.

Pokemon GO AipomAipomShiny
Pokemon GO WynautWynautShiny

Surprise Pokemon in GO Snapshot

2 New Pokemon have started Photobombing in GO Snapshot

Ditto new forms

Ditto have started appearing more frequently in the wild during the event, We also have reports of Ditto transforming into more Pokémon species than before.

Currently New confirmed Pokemon in Ditto can disguise

We’ll soon update the new confirmed list in GO Field Guide App

VoltorbPokemon GO Voltorb

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