Trainers, We know how much you all are excited for the Raiding from Home feature and it looks like the day has come near!

A new version of Pokemon GO assets has been pushed in the Pokemon GO Network suggesting Remote Raid Pass (Raiding from home), Buddy will bring gifts from PokeStops, Abra Special Event and Marill Day.

Credits to PokeMiners for Data Mine Report!

Here’s the Summary from the Data Mine report:

  • Remote Raid Pass
  • Buddy will bring you gifts to send to friends
  • Abra Special Event Day
  • Marill Battle Day

Raiding from Home

Remote Raiding is coming in Pokemon GO. A lot of new information about Raiding from home has been pushed.

Remote Raid Pass

Pokemon GO will introduce a new special raid pass which can be used for Raiding from home.

"remote_raid_nearby_callout", "New: Raid remotely",
"item_remote_raid_ticket_name", "Remote Raid Pass", "remote_raid_need_ticket_title", "Remote Raid Pass", "remote_raid_battle_helptext", "using a Remote Raid Pass", "item_remote_raid_ticket_desc", "A Remote Raid Pass can be used to join a Raid Battle remotely.", "remote_raid_use_ticket_confirmation", "Use a Remote Raid Pass to join the Raid Battle",

Remote Raid Pass from Shop

The Special Raid Pass can be purchased from the shop and it will have certain limits to store in your inventory, that means you cannot store special raid pass up to a certain limit.

a Remote Raid Pass to join this raid. You can get Remote Raid Passes in the shop."

"remote_raid_max_remote_ticket_warning", "You have reached the max number of Remote Raid Passes ({0}). Please try again when you have fewer Remote Raid Passes.",

Damage in Remote Raids

Remote Raid will deal less damage from your Pokemon, this seems a fair and good way to encourage people to get up to go.

"remote_raid_damage_warning", "Pokemon do less damage when battling in raids remotely.",

Friends in Remote Raids

You can invite your friends in Remote Raid battles and callout will appear in the Friends screen if they are interested in joining the raid.

"remote_raid_friends_header", "Your Friends", "remote_raid_invitations_header", "Invitations", "remote_raid_leave", "Leave", "remote_raid_lobby_callout", "Tap View to go to the raid lobby.", "remote_raid_continue_to_lobby", "Continue to Lobby", "remote_raid_view", "View",

Remote Raid Member Limit

There will be a limit to remote raiders to still promote local play and there will be a warning for spill over into a new lobby.

"remote_raid_lobby_full", "This lobby has reached the max number of remote players",

Buddy Can Give You Gifts For Your Friends

Gift - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia
Giftbox Pokemon GO

A New way of collecting Gift Box is coming in Pokemon GO, soon your buddy will be able to bring gifts that you can send it your friends.

It’s pretty exciting for those who are not able to send gifts during this time.

"tutorial_buddy_giftbox", "Your buddy went exploring and brought back some Gifts. Try sending them to your friends!",

"tutorial_buddy_giftbox_title", "Your buddy found some Gifts!" ]}

Abra Special Event

The Special Event which was going to happen during the Abra Community Day is back and according to the information it will happen on 25th April 2020.

The event will be a ticketing event and ticket can be purchased in the Pokemon GO once it will be live.

"badge_event_0002", "April 25, 2020",

"general1.ticket.2_description", "A ticket to access the Investigating Illusions bonus Special Research for Abra Community Day on April 25, 2020, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time, wherever you are. Details can be found in the in-game News.\n\nYOU MUST PLAY DURING THE SPECIFIED TIME TO RECEIVE THE BONUS.", 

"item_global_event_ticket_desc", "A ticket to access special event bonuses on {0} from {1} to {2} local time, wherever you are.",

Marill Battle Day

Pokemon GO is trying some new experiments, A Marill Battle Day event is coming soon which will feature Marill as GO Battle League encounter.

"battle_day_marill", "GO Battle Day: Marill", 

"gbl_pokemon_featured_marill", "Marill featured in GO Battle League reward encounters",

Gift from Niantic

Trainers, have you redeemed your gift from the Niantic?

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