The Pokemon GO Genesect Special Weekend is now live in few countries, The Event brings New Bug- and Steel-type Raid Bosses, Increased Pokemon Spawns, Egg Hatches, A New Wild Shiny and Research Tasks.

Please Note: This event starts on March 20, 2020, at 8:00 AM local time, You won’t see any changes until the event starts.

  1. Increased Spawns
  2. New Wild Shinies
  3. Research Tasks
  4. New Raid Boss List
  5. Egg Hatches

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Increased Spawns

Normal-, Fire-, Water-, Electric- and Ice-type Pokemon Spawns have increased.

The list of below Pokemon Spawns has increased with the start of the Genesect Special Weekend event.

In this current world health situation, if you’re looking for any of the below of the Pokemon, We request you to use an incense instead of walking out.

Pokemon GO NincadaNincadaShiny
Pokemon GO ElectrikeElectrikeShiny
Pokemon GO GrowlitheGrowlitheShiny
Pokemon GO HoundourHoundourShiny
Pokemon GO JigglypuffJigglypuff 
Pokemon GO MagnemiteMagnemiteShiny
Pokemon GO MarillMarill 
Pokemon GO PidgeyPidgeyShiny
Pokemon GO PikachuPikachuShiny
Pokemon GO SneaselSneaselShiny
Pokemon GO TentacoolTentacoolShiny
Pokemon GO TorchicTorchicShiny
Pokemon GO TotodileTotodileShiny

New Wild Shinies

Shiny Nincada has joined the Pokemon GO Shiny family with the start of the event.

Image result for Shiny Nincada

Research Tasks

New Research Tasks has been released and are now live available from the Pokestops.

Task TextReward
A Drive to Investigate: Make 5 Nice Throws.Nincada (s), Skarmory (s)
A Drive to Investigate: Make 2 Great Throws.Nincada (s)
A Drive to Investigate: Make 2 Greats Throws in a rowScyther (s), Nincada (s)
A Drive to Investigate: Catch 10 PokemonNincada (s), Shieldon

New Raid Boss List

Raids have shuffled and New Raid Bosses have joined the raid battles as the Genesect Special Weekend Event starts.

You can check the complete Raid Boss list along with best counters at GO Field Guide App

Please Note: According to current world situation due to COVID-19 Virus, We request you to not to go outside and don’t go on raids that you can’t defeat solo. Although it’s tempting to gather friends to tackle that legendary Pokemon, it’s not worth it if it endangers everyone’s health.

Here’s the current Raid Boss List:

TierRaid Bosses
1Joltik, Caterpie(s), Venipede, Klink (s), Wurmple (s)
2Pineco (s), Mawile (s), Venomoth, Yanma (s)
3Scyther (s), Pinsir (s), Bronzong, Alolan Raichu (s), Skarmory (s)
4Metagross, Beedrill, Alolan Marowak (s), Aggron, Excadrill
5Thundurus, Cobalion (s)

Egg Hatches

3 Pokemon have joined the 5KM Egg Hatch list, you can check the complete Egg hatch list at GO Field Guide Mobile App

5km eggs

NincadaPokemon GO Nincada

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