Trainers, first of all, Thank you for such a positive overwhelming response on the Google play store rating!

We have now crossed 10k+ Downloads in Google Play Store!

We are returning the thanks with another new feature! We are happy to announce we have added the Shiny Checklist section in the App, Update the App to enjoy the new feature!

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For those who don’t what is GO Field Guide!

GO Field Guide is a Pokemon GO Companion app, it covers the most useful feature Like the Pokemon GO Event countdown timer, Egg Hatch List, Raid Boss List and much more and Now it also features Shiny Checklist!

We would be happy instead of taking a look at this descriptive post if you try for the app for once!

Here are the few features it got covered till now!


1) Go Event Countdown Timer with Local event start/end time.
2) Shiny Checklist
3) Push Notification reminder for important events and Pokemon Go Trick.
4) Multiple Language Support for PokeTimer Screen (Spanish, German, Japanese and many more)
5) Raid Boss List
6) Egg Hatch List
7) News, Updates, and Tricks
8) Research Task List
9) Buddy Distance List
10) Alolan List
11) Gen 4 List


We’re constantly trying to improve the App as much as possible!

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