Trainers, With the start of the Battle Theme Event, it has been observed that Team GO Rocket leaders Cliff, Arlo, Sierra and Giovanni have found some additional species of Pokemon and have changed their lineups!

Here’s the new lineup along with the recommended counters:

Note: You can rematch Leaders and Giovanni if you lose for the first time, the leaders and Giovanni will use the same lineup for the next time.

Giovanni Lineup and Counters

Pokemon 1 can be Persian

Recommended counters for Persian:

Pokemon 2 can be Nidoking/Garchomp/Dugtrio

Recommended counters for Nidoking:

Recommended counters for Garchomp:

Recommended counters for Dugtrio:

Pokemon 3 can be Suicune

Recommended counters for Suicune:

Team GO Rocket Leaders Lineup and Counters

Leader Cliff

SlotPossible Pokemon
2Omastar, Electivire, Machamp
3Tyranitar, Torterra, Swampert

We have added the counters for each leader at GO Field Guide App, You can view counters for each Pokemon by visiting

Field Guide > Shadow Pokemon > Rocket Executives > Tap on Pokemon to view counters

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Leader Arlo

SlotPossible Pokemon
2Charizard, Steelix, Blastoise
3Scizor, Dragonite, Salamence

Leader Sierra

SlotPossible Pokemon
2Lapras, Sharpedo, Exeggutor
3Houndoom, Shiftry, Alakazam

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