With the help of ZeChrales, A New Discovery has been made inside Pokemon Go’s Network Traffic and it is about the upcoming Adventure Week. If you don’t know who ZeChrales is, Chrales is a verified leaker, network traffic data miner and associated with the PoGoDev discord group.

Chrales reported that Adventure Week special Field Research quest found in the network traffic.

Niantic had already sent out an email early in May, but there is no indication of the rewards that will come with, nor when the quests will go live, however, their presence in the traffic leaves much to speculate on:

Adventure Week Quests

  • “Adventure Week: Hatch {0} eggs.”
  • “Adventure Week: Earn {0} Candy walking with your Buddy”
  • “Adventure Week: Spin {0} PokéStops you haven’t visited before”
  • “Adventure Week: Evolve an Omanyte or Kabuto.”

From the quests, we can speculate that

  • Buddy gains Candy 4X faster (From 2nd Quest)
  • Increased PokéStop drops (From 3rd Quest)
  • Increased Spawn rate of Omanyte or Kabuto (From 4th Quest)
"quest_adventure_hatch_egg_plural" "Adventure Week: Hatch {0} eggs."
"quest_adventure_walk_buddy_plural" "Adventure Week: Earn {0} Candy walking with your Buddy"
"quest_adventure_visit_pokestop_new_plural" "Adventure Week: Spin {0} PokéStops you haven't visited before"
"quest_adventure_evolve_singular" "Adventure Week: Evolve an Omanyte or Kabuto.">

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