The Community Day 5 have ended in Asia-Pacific’s and the Middle East region and the following things are observed.

Obviously, The first report confirms Dark Shiny Lizard, Apart from that many other things were observed:

  • Shiny rates are fairly high, similar to the last event. According to the Report, trainers managed to encounter 1 Shiny out of 20 Charmander encounters. (Personally Encountered 2 Shiny in 18) but finally, all that depends on luck!
  • Few trainers reported experiencing lags, which isn’t unusual during an event.
  • Charmander spawn rate seemingly is much lower than previous Community Days, according to first reports, but in few areas, it was around catching 5-6 Charmander in 5-10 minutes, mixed reports.
  • Catch rate is good, almost it was easy to get in one throw (With Combination of Razz Berry and Great throw).
  • All Field Research Catch oriented quests now involve Charmander.

Make sure you Read the Guide to skip Pokemon animation to increase your catch rate Guide: Skip Pokeball shaking animation and Pokémon catch screen

Personal Views: It was a hard-luck for me as I was not able to attend the event from start, I attended the event when it was just 20 minutes left and that 20 minutes were totally worth it. I almost caught 18 Charmanders and out of that 2 were shiny. Even the catch rate was good, with the combination of Razz Berry and Great or Nice throw I was able to catch in a single throw.


Community Views: It Looks Asia-Pacific’s Community was bit disappointed.

It is exciting to see that Niantic adapted the Field Research tasks according to the community day making it easy and quick opportunity to put their hands on very much needed items throughout Community Day.

Make sure you get a Charizard with Blast Burn. Blast Burn is the special move this month.

Make sure you use this search string to find the Perfect IV Charmander and evolve it.


For trainers whose Community Day has not yet started, we strongly suggest that you read the following guide

Community Day #5 Charmander: Quick Guide – Stardust,IV Chart, Catching Percentage and Few tips

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