Trainers, GO Battle League, the PvP league of Pokemon GO which was announced in December community note is finally coming in Pokemon GO.

Recently a major GAME_MASTER update was released by Niantic and the Dataminers discovered that it contains a lot of GO Battle League codes, and the interesting thing is that the code reveals all the reward bundle and the first GO Battle League season.

Here’s the summary from the recent GAME_MASTER:

  • Season Timings
  • Rankings
  • Free and Paid Rewards
  • Pokemon Encounter Reward
  • Free Pokemon Encounter Reward

Please be aware that this information is NOT ENDORSED OR CONFIRMED BY NIANTIC and is subject to change. Datamining can be unpredictable and information shared through these channels should be taken with a grain of salt!

Season Timings

The Game_Master contains the Season end time timestamps of all the Seasons. According to the timestamps, the Season 1 is scheduled to end on Sunday, March 1, 2020 9:00 PM GMT and each further season set to end every 2 months after this.

"combatCompetitiveSeasonSettings": {
"seasonEndTimeTimestamp": [


The Ranking and Battles required for all the Ranks revealed in the update. Below is the summary.

Rank 1 is the starting rank and rank 10 being the highest rank with maximum rewards.

Rank 1Starting Rank
Rank 25 Battles
Rank 35 Additional Battles – 10 total
Rank 43 Additional Battles – 13 total
Rank 53 Wins in addition to the 13 battles
Rank 63 Additional Wins – 6 Total
Rank 75 Additional Wins – 11 Total
Rank 81800 Rating
Rank 92100 Rating
Rank 102700 rating


    "templateId": "COMBAT_RANKING_SETTINGS",
    "combatRankingProtoSettings": {
        "rankLevel": [
            {"rankLevel": 1},
            {"rankLevel": 2,"additionalTotalBattlesRequired": 5},
            {"rankLevel": 3,"additionalTotalBattlesRequired": 5},
            {"rankLevel": 4,"additionalTotalBattlesRequired": 3},

Free and Paid Rewards

According to the current GAME_MASTER, The Rewards will differ for Free entry and Paid Entries.

Each win in the GO Battle League will roll a random reward bundle from the tables below, the reward will be according to your current rank.

Free Reward Bundle

GO Battle League – Free Rewards Bundles

Paid Reward Bundle

GO Battle League – Paid Reward Bundles

Pokemon Encounter in Bundles

The Pokemon Encounter mentioned in the above bundles are also revealed in the GAME_MASTER, the Pokemon encounter will depend on your League Rank.

Below is the list of Pokemon encounter chance according to the ranks:

Rank 1-3Snivy
Rank 4-6Meditite
Rank 7-10Snorlax

Free Pokemon Encounter

2 Limited Time Pokemon will be rewarded on Rank 1 and Rank 7.

Rank 1 – Charizard “WelcomeCharizard” – Lifetime max count 1

Rank 7 Scraggy “myfirstscraggy”, – Lifetime max count 1

                "unlockedAtRank": 1,
                "guaranteedLimitedPokemonReward": {
                    "pokemon": {
                        "pokemonId": "CHARIZARD",
                        "pokemonDisplay": {
                            "form": "CHARIZARD_NORMAL"
                    "identifier": "welcomecharizard",
                    "lifetimeMaxCount": 1
                "unlockedAtRank": 7,
                "guaranteedLimitedPokemonReward": {
                    "pokemon": {
                        "pokemonId": "SCRAGGY"
                    "identifier": "myfirstscraggy",
                    "lifetimeMaxCount": 1

Rewards Infographic

Credits to u/lewymd

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