Trainers, A few small changes have been made in the GAME_MASTER and it is probably related to the new upcoming event. 

Following is the list of changes discovered by the data miners:

  1. Two new Minccino quests added
  2. POI Editing of Sponsored Stops added

Minccino Quests

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There is two new addition to the Minccino quests which were previously spotted and looks like it is now the correct time for them to be released. Below is the list of quests discovered soo far!

  • Minccino Research: Make {0} Nice Throws
  • Minccino Research: Make {0} Nice Throws in a row
  • Minccino Research: Use 3 Berries to help catch Pokémon
  • Minccino Research: Catch {0} Normal-type Pokémon
  • Minccino Research: Catch a Patrat or Bidoof
  • Minccino Research: Catch a Pikachu, Plusle, or Minun
  • Minccino Research: Catch a Rattata or Sentret
  • Minccino Research: Evolve {0} Normal-type Pokémon
  • Minccino Research: Battle in a Gym
  • Minccino Research: Land {0} Curveballs
  • Minccino Research: Land {0} Great Throws
  • Minccino Research: Land {0} Great Throws in a row
  • Minccino Research: Battle in a Raid
  • Minccino Research: Defeat a Team GO Rocket Grunt
  • Minccino Research: Spin {0} PokéStops
  • Minccino Research: Use a Super Effective Charged Move in a Gym Battle

Minccino, The Rat like Pokemon is yet to be released in the Pokemon GO, and if we quietly observe several other Rat-like Pokemon are mentioned in the above quests.

If the dots are connecting properly, It suggests that Minncino could be released alongside the Chinese New Year 2020 event. This year is Year of the Rat and the Chinese New Year starts in one week, January 25th, and lasts until February 4th.

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POI Editing of Sponsored Stops added

Several strings were added in the GAME_MASTER supporting the editing and reporting of POI (Point of Interest).

It’s just used to edit existing locations and not add any. Looks like all the standard editing stuff we already have, just focused on sponsored stops.

  • Please enter an explanation.
  • Report This Location
  • You have no contributions available for reporting Sponsored PokéStop content at this time.
  • You have no contributions available for reporting Sponsored PokéStop locations at this time.
  • NEXT
  • Location is not family friendly
  • Location content is not truthful
  • Offensive content
  • Report Content
  • Location no longer exists at this place
  • Location is not safely accessible by pedestrians
  • Report This Sponsored Location
  • Thank you for your contribution! Your report has been submitted for review.

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