A new version of GAME_MASTER has been pushed and lots of little snippets referencing to PokeCoins from Research Tasks, New Unannounced Safari Zones, Deerling Forms and few other small updates have been found.

Credits to PokeMiners for Data Mine Report!

Here’s the Summary from the GAME_MASTER report:

  • PokeCoins from Research Tasks
  • New Unannounced Safari Zones
  • Deerling Forms
  • Quests for Catching and Gifting
  • Team GO Rocket March Quests Texts

Earn PokeCoins from Research Tasks

Earning PokeCoins would be a little easy after this update, A little snippet text has been found in the new GAME_MASTER and it looks like we will be able to earn Pokecoins daily by completing Research Tasks.

Currently, no words on how many research task will be required to earn and how much Pokecoin will be rewarded are discovered.

Come back tomorrow to earn more PokéCoins

New Unannounced Safari Zones

Quests dialogues for 3 Unannounced Safari Zones have been found.

  • Safari Zone Goyang
  • Safari Zone Monterrey
  • Safari Zone Seville
safari_2020_goyang_dialogue_0_0 Welcome to Safari Zone Goyang 2020, %PLAYERNAME%!
safari_2020_monterrey_dialogue_0_0 Welcome to Safari Zone Monterrey 2020, %PLAYERNAME%! 
Welcome to Safari Zone Seville 2020, %PLAYERNAME%!

Deerling Forms

As found in few previous updates, looks like Niantic is preparing to soon release the Deerling Forms.

Text for Deerling different forms have been in the GAME_MASTER

Autumn Form

Spring Form

Summer Form

Winter Form

Hopefully, they release before the end of the winter or else we might need to wait for a year for the Winter Form.

Here’s how the different Deerling forms look like:

Image result for Deerling FOrms
Photo Credit – Pinterest

Quests for Catching and Gifting

Some generic Quests for catching and gifting text have been found and it might be common for all events.

Catch {0} different species of Pokémon

A new generic quest type.
Special Event: Catch {0} Pokémon

Special Event: Send {0} Gifts to friends 

Team GO Rocket March Quests Text

Quests text for next months Team GO Rockets quests has been found (The Shadowy Threat Grows).

Looks like the same old song and dance like the previous months, don’t expect much 🙂

quest_special_dialogue_rockethq5_0_0 Hey there, %PLAYERNAME%. You’ve been instrumental in keeping back Team GO Rocket’s forces.

Please be aware that this information is NOT ENDORSED OR CONFIRMED BY NIANTIC and is subject to change. Datamining can be unpredictable and information shared through these channels should be taken with a grain of salt!

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