Trainers, Niantic is taking a step to complete everyone wish, The Wish Maker Pokemon Jirachi Encounter has been found in the new update. The 0.145.0 update for Pokémon GO is slowly rolling out on Android and iOS.

The official changelog mentions it’s just a Bug Fix release, but data miners have found some pretty exciting additions under the hood.

Here’s the Summary from the Data Mine report:

  1. Jirachi encounter has been found in the APK
  2. Two New Moves
  3. Dynamic Loading Screen
  4. Samsung Galaxy Store Officially Supported in the APK

Before we begin, All the following updates are currently not live from the server side, we want to reiterate that nothing written here is endorsed, confirmed, or shared by Niantic. These are reports found by various data miners on the Internet, and they are subject to change.

Jirachi encounter

The much long waited Wish Maker Pokemon Jirachi is finally going to land its train in Pokemon GO, according to speculations it will be available through Special Research Quest.

The 0.145.0 APK mentions details about the Jirachi Encounter with some other details like Singing, Wakeup.

According to the fact from Pokémon Sapphire “Jirachi will awaken from its sleep of a thousand years if you sing to it in a voice of purity. It is said to make true any wish that people desire.”

We think Niantic is trying to depict the same.


Two New Moves


Two New Moves Charm and Giga Impact have been discovered in the new APK, but the assets and details are still missing in the client side gamemaster. 

Charm (is a non-damaging Fairy-type move which introduced in Generation II in the main game series. Prior to Generation VI, it was a Normal-type move.

Giga Impact is a damage-dealing Normal-type move introduced in Generation IV in the main game series.

Here are some Pokemon which might learn the new moves

CharmGiga Impact

Dynamic Loading Screen

According to reports from the Data Miners, the Loading screen will be now dynamic time based with different colour schemes.

Samsung Galaxy Store Support


Samsung Galaxy Store has been added as a standalone store in the 0.145.0 APK. It is still not clear will it affect the players downloading the game from Samsung’s store.

Do you know?

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