Trainers, the first GO Fest 2019 is around the corner and everyone is much excited about it, Players around the world, Niantic and the Data Miners!

Our all-time active Data miner Chrales found something new in the Data Mine and it’s regarding the GO Fest Chicago 2019.


Here’s the Summary of the Data Mine Report

  1. Research Tasks
  2. Special Research (Jirachi)
  3. GO Fest 2019 Badge


A number of GO Fest 2019 Challenges are discovered in the Data Mine, most of the challenges are to take GO Snapshot of different Pokemon.

Here are the challenges in detail

Special Research Text – Jirachi

Image result for jirachi
Jirachi – Wish Maker Pokemon

Jirachi, the Wish Maker Pokemon is finally here and will be released during the GO Fest Chicago, like previous fests, the Jirachi Special research task will be only available to trainers who are attending the Chicago GO Fest.  Later it will be available to all other trainers over the world.

As discovered in previous APK Mine, there might to some task of singing or music, currently it is still not clear what will be the task.

Here are the text found in the Data Mine.

GO Fest Badge and Quest

All the visitors of the GO Fest Chicago 2019 will be rewarded will a beautiful badge, here’s how it look!

Do you know?

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