A new version of Pokemon GO 0.167.0 is rolling slowly for Android and its Data Mine report suggests many new features like Boosts for Shadow and Purified Forms, Shadow Eggs, New Moves and much more Quality of Life Updates!

Credits to PokeMiners for Data Mine Report!

Here’s the Summary from the Data Mine report:

  • Team Rocket Egg (Shadow Egg)
  • New Moves
  • April 2020 and Safari 2020 Special Pokemon forms
  • Buddy Throwing Difficulty
  • Profile Stat Reporting
  • Shadow and Purified Pokemon boosts
  • Quality of Life Updates

Team Rocket Egg (Shadow Egg)

As found in the previous reports, A New Team GO Rocket a.k.a Shadow Egg is coming in Pokemon GO, The Egg is referenced as SHADOW_EGG in many parts of the code.

The below Egg Image has been found in the new update, indicating Niantic might soon release the New Egg in Pokemon GO.

Shadow Egg

New Moves

2 New Moves have been found in the new APK, Payback and Rock Wrecker.


Rock Wrecker is the special move for the Upcoming Rhyhorn Community day, that means this update will be forced a few days before community day.

Special Pokemon forms

2 New Special Pokemon no evolve forms have been added, One is for the Safari Zone 2020 and One for an upcoming April 2020 Event.

Looks like Safari Zones will have a special form just for them.


Buddy Throwing Difficulty

Throwing Items or Feeding your Buddy will be a little difficult after this update.

Few lines of code have been found indicating that throwing items at your buddy will have different difficulties and a Unity Magnet will be applied (a function to attract two objects together) to help guide your berry to your buddy.


Profile Stat Reporting

This Update brings a new Quality of Life which shows the following information in the Profile:

  • Distance Walked
  • Pokemon Caught
  • PokeStops visited
Credits – @Kelven

Shadow and Purified Pokemon boost

Time to use your Shadow and Purified Pokemon rather than just keeping them in the collection, the upcoming update brings boosts for Shadow and Purified Pokemon.

Shadow Pokemon will have an attack and defence bonus. It also appears a Purified Pokemon will do more damage to a Shadow Pokemon.

The Bonus will be highlighted in the move icon in the Pokemon Screen.


Quality of Life Updates

A lot of new Quality of Life updates has been implemented in this new version.

Evolving Shows New Pokemon Name

When evolving a Pokemon, the name of the new Pokemon will be displayed in the evolving screen.


Device Sync for Adventure Sync

Most likely to tie in with Harry Potter’s announced feature of syncing Adventure Sync across devices and Pokemon GO so that your distance is maintained across phones and games.

Please be aware that this information is NOT ENDORSED OR CONFIRMED BY NIANTIC and is subject to change. Datamining can be unpredictable and information shared through these channels should be taken with a grain of salt!

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