Trainers, A New bug was found in the Latest game update but Unlike many other bugs, this one can be efficiently used to improve your gameplay and game experience, this bug enables you to skip the “Go” Animation and start the raid at 180 Second screen saving your time.

Credits for the original bug discovery goals to Byronpol365

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Follow the steps to skip the “Go” Animation and start raids at 180 Seconds 

Step 1: Create a Blank party and another party with your actual team.

Step 2: Enter Raid Lobby.

Step 3: Load your Blank party.

Step 4: When the timer counts down to zero, the game will ask you that you need to heal your Pokemon and the timer will start at 185/305 seconds.

Step 5: Swipe over to your real party.

Step 6: Start the Battle when the timer is at 182/302 seconds.

Note: Do not press the rejoin battle too early, if the timer goes above 180 seconds it will error out

Step 7: You will begin the Battle with a couple extra seconds.

Still facing an issue? This video might help you out!