Trainers, A new update 0.139.1 has been found for Android and a lot of new changes is happening in Pokemon GO, The new upcoming update contains a lot of Quality of Life updates, Few little Bugs and a ton of interesting stuff.


The latest Android update v0.139.1 causes a CRITICAL bug in PvP battles: once your first Pokemon faints you cannot select another to continue! Spread the word: DO NOT UPDATE TO v0.139.1 or you'll need to uninstall and sideload an old APK from APKMirror to compete! 

Keeping that aside our all-time active Data miner Chrales found something unique in the new APK package.

All the following updates are currently not live from the server side, it’s just the Data mine information from the latest APK

Here’s here the summary what he found!

  • Lucky Friends
  • Adventure Sync V2
  • Friends Active Status
  • New Pokemon Costume
  • Avatar Poses
  • Premium Pass Delete Option
  • Safari Zone Badges

Hold on your seats and let’s begin with each and every discovery!

Lucky Friends

According to the current discoveries and leaks, trades with lucky friends will reward Lucky Pokemon

A few days the following text where discovered in network traffic, but today in the new APK all the graphical changes were found and it indicates it will be released soon!

Text found in network traffic

Lucky Friend “{0} and you became Lucky Friends!”
“Your next trade with this friend will be Lucky!”
“Your next trade together will be Lucky! This means both Pokémon traded will become Lucky Pokémon.”

Chrales shared some in-game screenshots how Lucky trades will work

We have shared all the screenshots at the bottom of the Post

Adventure Sync V2

New adventure sync v2 is coming, Now Adventure Sync can notify you about nearby new Pokémon!
Adventure Sync can find nearby new Pokémon even while Pokémon GO is closed!

Friend Status

A Option to see which Friends are currently Pokemon GO, following text has been discovered

“See which friends are playing! Turn off at any time in the Friends list”

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New Pokemon Costume

A New Pokemon Costume is coming, maybe for summer event, maybe a Pikachu with hat?

New Avatar Poses

Female Pose
Male Pose

Premium Pass Delete Option

A Delete option for Premium Pass has been found, the delete text is found in the new APK mine

“Are you sure you want to delete these premium items? This cannot be undone.”

Safari Zone Sentosa Badges

5 Badges added for April 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22

Lucky Friend Screenshots

Starting a lucky trade

Lucky Friends

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