Trainers, for the second year in a row, Niantic once again announces their annual Earth campaign 2019!

Teaming up with Playmob, along with 15 Non Profit NGOs Niantic invites players and community members to join them in various local events across the globe. These events include cleanups to remove trash at natural and public spots, and also long term impact projects to save local ecosystems and wildlife.

The Campaign Earth Day 2019 will take place from April 13 – 28.

To encourage more players participating in this noble cause, Niantic will unlock global in-game rewards on reaching certain goals!

You can find all of the details of the campaign and nearby NGO Events at Niantic Official Website

Also if you do not find any Event nearby and If you know of an NGO that could help organize a cleanup, nominate them here. Or, if you’re a player that wants to participate on your own or with a small group, tag @NianticLabs using #AugmentingReality to tell about your cleanup, and they will count your efforts towards the participation totals

Earth Day 2019 Event Rewards

Here are the goals and targets:

If 2,000 players attend and cleanupIncreased appearances of Ground-type Pokémon
If 5,000 players attend and cleanup Shiny Diglett + Increased appearances of Ground-type Pokémon
If 7,000 players attend and cleanup 2× Stardust and Candy for Event Spawns / Groudon in Raids + Shiny Diglett + Increased appearances of Ground-type Pokémon

In-game rewards will be released within a 48-hour window from the end of the Earth Day Campaign.

Shiny Diglett Comparison

Niantic Aims to shatter last years results, we request all the trainers to be a part of this global cause and do your best!

You can check-out the Countdown Timer of Event at PokeTimer Or Download New Mobile App GO Field Guide for all Countdown Timers, Raid Boss List, Egg Hatch List and much more