Trainers, Turn your Hype Glasses on and Free up your storage to register some new Pokémon originally from the Sinnoh region, We can soon expect a new wave of Gen 4 Pokemon!

A lot Happened in the past few hours, the new recently released update is now being forced, along with that some new Spirits of Gen IV Pokemon discovered in the network traffic!

Pokemon GO Complete Gen 4 Now in the Network Traffic

The Pokemon GO Complete Gen 4 is now in the Network Traffic, Special Thanks to our Network Traffic analyzers who shared the Gen 4 Spirits in the Network Traffic @Chrales

Here is the List of New Pokemon which are now in the Network Traffic

  • Burmy
  • Shellos
  • Arceus (All Forms)
  • Gastrodon
  • Wormadan
  • Mothin
  • Shaymin (Sky Form)
  • Rotom (All Form)
  • Gible
  • Gabite
  • Garchop
  • Hippopotas
  • Hippowdon

We have shared few images of the Pokemon which are now in the Network Traffic at the bottom of the Post!

Why do we think there will be a new wave of Gen 4 in the next few days?

We believe that a new wave of Gen 4 will be soon maybe in few days or a week, Pokemon GO Recently updated to a new version bringing some minor changes and some major changes in Pokedex Entry!

There were a handful of changes to the Pokédex rendering in the recent update especially for different forms, new Rotom icons were discovered in the recent update. And today the new update was forced and along with that new Pokemon were also discovered in the network traffic, seeing the senario we strongly believe new wave will be soon!

We’ll keep an eye out for confirmation of what’s happening from Niantic and post an update when the mystery is solved. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

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Each form of Rotom with shiny model comparison

Every form and type of Arceus with shiny model comparison

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