Trainers, Pokemon GO Friends isn’t just a feature to add friends but is an excellent way to maximize XP and receive gifts, You can now feature your Trainer Code with 1000s of User of GO Field Guide


There are many reasons to share and receive Pokemon GO Trainer Codes.

  • You can send and receive gifts
  • Additional bonuses when battling together in gym/raid attacks
  • Daily XP on Sending Gifts!

Friends XP Bonus

ActivityXP Reward
Sending a Gift
Unlocking a Good Friend Status3,000
Unlocking a Great Friend Status10,000
Unlocking a Ultra Friend Status50,000
Unlocking a Best Friend Status 100,000

We’re happy to announce now you can share your Trainer Code with 1000s of GO Field Guide users and make them friends and enjoy the benefit of XP and Daily gifts from all over the world!

If you haven’t Downloaded GO Field Guide – Download Link

Steps to get your Trainer Code Listed in GO Field Guide

  • You can list your Friends Code in GO Field Guide by Redeeming 1500 Smiles Points in the GO Field Guide or by Making even a small donation!
  • To Collect Smile points visit the Donation section in the Application and completely watch an Advertisement till the end, per ad view will reward you 100 Points (That means by just simply watching 15 Ads you can list your Trainer Code with 1000s of Users)
  • After Collecting 15000 Points Follow the Steps mentioned in the App to get the Trainer Code listed 🙂

Why not for Free ? Reason Explained at the End of the Post

Rewards Table

1500 Smile PointsShare your Trainer Code for 1 Week
$1 DonationTrainer Code Share for 1 Week
$2 DonationTrainer Code Share for 2 Weeks
$5 DonationTrainer Code Share for 6 Weeks
$10 Donation Trainer Code Share for 14 Weeks

GO Field Guide – Other Features

GO Field Guide is not just for Sharing Trainers Code, but it also features many useful features which every Pokemon GO Trainer needs!


Here is the List of Features it currently have

  • Pokemon Go Event Countdown Timer with Local event start/end time.
  • Push Notification Reminders before Event Ends or Something Extremely Special (You can control the Notification)
  • Shiny Checklist – List of all available Shiny Forms (Checklist feature)
  • Raid Boss List – List of all Raid Boss in all Tier
  • Egg Hatch List – Current Egg Pool List
  • Research Encounters – List of all Encounters through all Quests
  • Buddy Distance Chart
  • Ditto Disguise Chart
  • Available Gen 4 Checklist
  • Alolan Checklist
  • Special Event Pokemon Checklist

Trainer Code Share – Why Not Free?

GO Field Guide Tools generate massive traffic and Server Bandwidth and it costs money to keep the Server and our lights on!

The Income generated from the ads from all the above features are not enough to keep the server lights on.

Where does this donation will be used? This Donation amount will be used by me to keep the server lights on to keep you updated with all the events going in Pokemon GO and to purchase a MacBook to develop the application in a better way for the community

Few Screenshots of GO Field Guide