So a surprise new EX wave raid is live now, just after Niantic acknowledged the fault in its previous EX raids.

The new EX Raids will take place on 9th and 10th March across the world.

This comes shortly after Niantic acknowledged that the last 2 EX Raid waves had passes distributed on the basis of the older version of the code.

Read more about the same :Niantic acknowledges an Error with the recent wave of EX Raid invites (Feb 26 EX raid)

ex raid wave

The last EX wave was based on an older version of code, sending invites to people based on algorithm used in the Beta/testing phase

The new EX wave is supposed to be based on the new and improved code. Which means if you have been trying out to get an EX Raid based on the following Guidelines, you may have it already or soon be getting it.

The guidelines of the updated EX Raid invite are as follows :

  • Trainers with a higher level Gym Badge are now even more likely to receive an invitation for an EX Raid Battle at that location.
  • Similarly, Trainers who complete more Raid Battles (at any location) the week before EX Raid Battle invitations are sent will now have a greater chance of being selected.

So if you haven’t received an EX raid invite yet, you know what you need to be working on to increase your chances of getting the EX invite.

Do let us know in the comments below of you were able to get the EX invite for this wave.

That’s it for now guys!!

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