Trainers, A New version of Pokemon GO v0.153.2 (Android) has been found and is being rolled out slowly for all users.

The official update mentions about the newly released Unova Region Pokemon, but our data miners know something is always hidden behind those curtains!

Here’s the Summary from the Data Mine report:

  1. New Pikachu Form
  2. New Moves
  3. Safari Zone Badges
  4. Limited Time Purchases
  5. Few Animation Fixes

So let’s dive deeper into it.

Before we beginAll the following updates are currently not live from the server side, we want to reiterate that nothing written here is endorsed, confirmed, or shared by Niantic. These are reports found by various data miners on the Internet, and they are subject to change.

New Pikachu Form

Like Mewtwo Armored Form a new form of Pikachu has been discovered in the Apk, The Pikachu VS Form will have different stats and move sets compare to the Pikachu normal form. The format VS_2019 has never been observed earlier and we think it could be a reward for winning PvP battles or some tournaments for a limited time. What do you think 💭 ?


New Moves

Two new moves have been discovered in the Apk, The Stats and assets are still not available, and will be revealed later in the GAME_MASTER. We’ll update the moves in the GO Field Guide App as soon it is available 😉


Credits to Redditor Angel_on_my_Shoulder who created a complete list of Pokemon that can learn the above moves in the Main Game Series.

List of Gen 1-5 mon that can learn STAB Thunder Fang in the MSG:

  • Jolteon
  • Raikou
  • Electrike, Manectric
  • Shinx, Luxio, Luxray
  • Zekrom

List of Gen 1-5 mon that can learn STAB Ice Fang in the MSG:

  • Piloswine, Mamoswine
  • Snorunt, Glalie
  • Walrein

Safari Zone Badges

The Pokemon GO Safari Montreal will be starting in the next 12 hours and the Code Supported for Safari Zone is now fully integrated in the new Pokemon version.


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Limited Time Purchases

New Limited Purchase methods have been spotted in the Apk, These new limited purchases are most likely to be the Event Tickets 🎫 or some seasonal bundled purchases which will have some maximum purchase limit.


PvP Animation Fixes

New Code for PvP Animation and the Turn States have been discovered, Looking at it looks like PvP Animation for proper Synchronization has been added.

.get_SuperEffectiveFlyoutDurationTurns .set_SuperEffectiveFlyoutDurationTurns .get_NotVeryEffectiveFlyoutDurationTurns .set_NotVeryEffectiveFlyoutDurationTurns 
.get_NormalEffectiveFlyoutDurationTurns .set_NormalEffectiveFlyoutDurationTurns 
SuperEffectiveFlyoutDurationTurnsFieldNumber superEffectiveFlyoutDurationTurns_ NotVeryEffectiveFlyoutDurationTurnsFieldNumber notVeryEffectiveFlyoutDurationTurns_ 
blockedFlyoutDurationTurns_ ...

Do you know?

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