Just a few hours ago Niantic acknowledged the Raid Boss Catch Bug.

This Bug prevented players from catching the Raid boss after the raid if anyone from the group had backed out. This bug was reported by many trainers on TheSilphroad

As said by @desmith03 on TheSilphRoad, who went on to test on how to avoid this bug :

BLUF: Do not back out of the raid.

We unfortunately did some unintentional “testing” in our town today and confirmed the cause of the bug which prevents the raid boss catch. Essentially, if anyone backs out, the rest of the raid group will not have the opportunity to catch the boss.

On two different occasions today, we had a group of 21-22 with a Solar Beam Ho-Oh. In order to help, we had some from one team go in to assist with damage, and back out before beating in order to go in with the 2nd group. On 3 of 3 occasions, this prevented anyone in the first group from getting a catch screen.

When no one backed out, everyone got the catch opportunity just like normal.

After acknowledging the Raid Boss Catch bug, Niantic has officially announced that the bug has been resolved.

Niantic Support tweeted the following :

If you were affected by this bug, you can ask Niantic to reimburse your Raid Pass that was wasted during the raid. You can contact their Niantic Support Twitter Handle here.

Check out our Ho-Oh Raid Guide :

Ho-Oh Raid Guide

Download Link – Click Here

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