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Guide: Skip Pokeball shaking animation and Pokémon catch screen

Trainers, A New bug was found in the Latest game update but Unlike many other bugs, this one can be efficiently used to improve your gameplay and game experience, this bug enables you to completely skip the Pokeball shaking animation… Continue Reading →

Raid Boss Catch Bug Fixed

Just a few hours ago Niantic acknowledged the Raid Boss Catch Bug. This Bug prevented players from catching the Raid boss after the raid if anyone from the group had backed out. This bug was reported by many trainers on… Continue Reading →

Apple patches ability for one app to see other installed apps in iOS 11.1.1 Affecting Niantic Anti Cheat

Trainers, As previously reported, Niantic had introduced a new Anti-cheat feature in the recent update popularly know as App Blacklist, The new feature scans player’s device for third-party cheating apps. If any are detected, the game refuses to start with… Continue Reading →

A New Bug is happening Worldwide : Green screen after completing a raid

Trainers, A new bug has been discovered, Do not panic if you encounter green screen after the completing the raid battles it’s happening worldwide. As reported by Xarrya and many other trainers this bug is happening in the capture challenge screen scenario,… Continue Reading →

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