Few days a new update was released which included 7 new moves, blacklist tweaks, Unity upgrade and background audio fix. But it is evident that the distribution of the new update has been stopped in both Android and iOS. The update was first available to subset players of targeted devices.

Android players can still get their hands on the 0.81.1 APK via APKMirror, a popular APK sharing website.

Although we suggest users stay away from the update until it is forced.

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Why the Update Got Withdrawn?

Niantic has acknowledged that a number of new bugs were introduced in the update and its probably due to recent Unity Engine upgrade, the underlying rendering engine and framework of Pokemon GO.

Although there is a lot of new bugs and crashes, one of the Redditor Elim-Garak mentioned on the matter.

It must be withdrawn because of the security risk of PTC login which does not mask the password anymore and because it does not allow Chinese and Japanese character input anymore. Both are reason enough on their own to not roll out.

I myself am also experiencing a lot of crashes, especially during gym battles. It makes gyms almost unplayable. Samsung S8.

Another Redditor Lobo2ffs Mentioned

I had this happen on a restart of the app

We can confirm that The Gym battles are lot buggier than before.

We expect another, smaller update in the coming week Probably the v0.81.3 fixing all the major bugs caused by the new update.

Till then Happy Hunting! Play Safe

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