Niantic just caught all of us by surprise as they announced Adventure week, it not only increased Rock Type Spawns but brought a lot other attractions!

  1. 2100 XP From Pokestops never visited
  2. New Shinies
  3. Raid Boss Shakeup
  4. New Quests
  5. List of Confirmed Rock type Spawns

XP From Pokestops

Now visiting the Pokestops which you have never visited will award you with up to 10x XP, on an average everyone is getting 2100 XP and 4200 XP with lucky egg!

It’s the best time to level up.

New Shinies

The Rock Event not only brought Rock Spawns but also bought some new shinies.

Current List of Confirmed Shinies!

Pokemon GO Shiny OmanytePokemon GO Shiny OmastarPokemon GO Shiny Kabuto
Pokemon GO Shiny KabutopsPokemon GO Shiny Aerodactyl

Raid Boss Shakeup

Reports are flooding in as of 2 PM PST on the new raid bosses, and some are downright maddening… Tier 3 Shuckle. Cannot be Soloed. The meme is alive and well, even in Pokémon Go.

Here’s the List Raid Boss Added to the Old List

Tier 1

Pokemon GO LileepPokemon GO AnorithPokemon GO KabutoPokemon GO Omanyte

Tier 2

Pokemon GO MagcargoPokemon GO SudowoodoPokemon GO Nosepass

Tier 3

Pokemon GO ShucklePokemon GO AerodactylPokemon GO SolrockUSPokemon GO LunatoneAUS

Tier 4

Pokemon GO Rhydon

New Quests

Like every event, it became compulsory to play with new quests, New quests are up and here’s what it will reward you on completion!

Spin 2 Pokéstops you haven’t visited beforeOnix
Hatch 3 EggsOmanyte
Earn 3 Buddy CandiesKabuto
Evolve Kabuto or OmanyteAerodactyl
Hatch 2 Eggs1x Rare Candy

List of Confirmed Rock type Spawns

Currently, we are able to see the increased spawn of the below mentioned Pokemon, we’ll update the list as soon as New info is up

Pokemon GO GeodudePokemon GO RhyhornPokemon GO Omanyte
Pokemon GO KabutoPokemon GO ShucklePokemon GO Aron
Pokemon GO NosepassPokemon GO LileepPokemon GO Anorith

Did we miss anything?

Feel free to ask anything else you may want to know. If we can’t answer them, maybe someone else reading can. Let us know in the comments below and join the discussion on our Pokemon Go – WorldWide Niantic News Update Facebook Group!