Pokemon GO update (0.105.0) slowly is rolling out on Android and iOS and here is a proper teardown list for the upcoming!

  1. Alolan Forms Added
  2. List of Alolan Pokemon
  3. Rainbow Weather Effect
  4. New Items option on Pokémon screen
  5. Remote view from the gym badge

We know it’s too much exciting seeing the Alolan Forms and much of new things on the list, so without adding much ado let’s begin the teardown.

Alolan Forms

Niantic is the changing the way how they are handling the GAME_MASTER file, as the new version adds a few new fields in the mix.


List of Alolan Pokemon

Along with that we also got the first official mention of Alola forms and their numbers in this APK:


Here’s the Complete List



Want to see how they look? Please visit our Alolan Form Page, we have mentioned the new Alolan Form Typing and Looks – Visit Here

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Rainbow Weather Effect

It looks like Niantic is testing some special weather mode, might it be connected to Alolan Forms which might appear during the Rainbow, But it’s still not confirmed, all around here is just the Speculations


New Items option on Pokémon screen

Now there’s a New items option on Pokemon Screen, you can use items like TMs, Rare candy, Portions, Revive directly from Pokemon Info screen.

Remote view from the gym badge

It’s great to see that Niantic continues listening to the player base, Now you can remote view the Pokemon from the Gym Badge.

Here’s how it looks!

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