The Eggstravaganza Event started a few hours ago along with Special discounts in the shop. Every box feature incubators, but which is the best? We have done a detailed analysis and here’s the result!

Egg Incubator3
Star Piece51025
Super Incubator58
Raid Passes5
Lucky Egg10


Box Value Analysis
Incense (50 each)100250
Egg Incubator (150 each)450
Star Piece (50 each)2505001250
Super Incubator (200 each)10001600
Raid Passes (100 each)500
Lucky Egg (50 each)500
Total Value80017503850
Total Savings40%55%62%
Incubators ONLY0%22%7.5%


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Special Box

This deal comes out a little short, this box is okay for the price.

Great Box

This is where the Great deal starts, The Super Incubators alone makes the deal worth with Incense and Star Piece at free of cost, Great Box is for those don’t want to invest but want to clear that backlog of Eggs from the Rayquaza event.

Ultra Box

This is one of the Best deal, Like Great Box, the Super Incubator itself makes the deal worth, you can consider five Lucky Egg, five Raid Passes, and twenty-five star pieces free because of the Super incubator deal. This Box is for those who raid frequently.

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