The Eggstravaganza Event started a few hours ago and we have collected the data of the new Hatch list for the Eggstravaganza event, this is a live post and it will be updated as soon as new info comes in.

Although we are trying to keep it up to date, there is a good chance that some hatches are missing, in case you find one not listed feel free to contact us on Facebook.

Here the list of Pokémon that can be hatched from 2KM Eggstravaganza eggs. Pokemon Sprites show are confirmed to be new shiny egg hatches and the Red-colored and Bold ones are rare hatches.

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Pokemon GO MagbyPokemon GO Shiny Magby Magby
 Pokemon GO TogepiPokemon GO Shiny Togepi Togepi
 Pokemon GO WynautPokemon GO Shiny Wynaut Wynaut
 Pokemon GO Larvitar Larvitar
 Pokemon GO Ralts Ralts
 Pokemon GO Beldum Beldum
 Pokemon GO Bagon Bagon
 Pokemon GO Slakoth Slakoth
 Pokemon GO Chimecho Chimecho
 Pokemon GO Girafarig Girafarig
Pokemon GO ChanseyChansey
Pokemon GO EeveeEevee
Pokemon GO SphealSpheal
Pokemon GO ShellderShellder
Pokemon GO TrapinchTrapinch
Pokemon GO MareepMareep
Pokemon GO MakuhitaMakuhita
Pokemon GO WailmerWailmer
Pokemon GO WingullWingull
Pokemon GO PoochyenaPoochyena
Pokemon GO ScytherScyther
Pokemon GO BarboachBarboach
Pokemon GO CorphishCorphish
Pokemon GO MudkipMudkip
Pokemon GO TreeckoTreecko
Pokemon GO MantineMantine
Pokemon GO TyrogueTyrogue
Pokemon GO AzurillAzurill


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Here’s how the New Shinies look like


It is also confirmed that you get double candy for hatches that happen during the Eggstravaganza event. This applies to old and newly picked up eggs, so be sure to hatch a lot of eggs while you can.

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