The Community day is just around the corner, we have a lot to be excited about! Not only do we get Bulbasaur as the event spawn, but with 3-hour lures and 3x XP per catch.

Bulbasaur will have the exclusive move Frenzy Plant (Announced on 1 PM PST March 16th) we know that Venusaur will receive Frenzy Plant, a two-bar 100 power charged move. It could very well be something to redefine the Bulbasaur family’s place as the most useful GRASS type in the game!

The Third Community Day will take place on 25th of March

  • The Asia-Pacific region: from 12:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M. JST (GMT +9)
  • Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India: from 10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. UTC (GMT +0)
  • The Americas and Greenland: from 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. PST (GMT -8)

Check the PokeTimer for your Local start time: PokeTimer – Visit Here

Bulbasaur Community Day Guide Includes

  • XP Chart
  • IV Chart
  • Catching Percentage Chart
  • Few Tips and Notes
  • Shiny Bulbasaur

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Here’s the XP chart which you should not miss

XP Chart

Catch with a Nice throw110330660
Catch with a Great throw150450900
Catch with an Excellent throw2006001200
Catch with a Curveball+10+30+60
Catch on the first attempt+50+150+300


IV Chart

In addition to the above chart, we think you will this Bulbasaur CP Helpful which shows the perfect IV Bulbasaur for each level

Perfect Wild Catch

Lv35 + Sunny or Cloudy Weather100IV911CP

For Rest of the Levels

LevelMin CPMax CP
35 661911
34 672897
33 683883
32 672869
31 661855
30 651841
29 629813
28 607785
27 585757
26 564729
25 542701
24 520673
23 499645
22 477617
21 455588
20 433560
19 412532
18 390504
17 368476
16 347448
15 325420
14 303392
13 282364
12 260336
11 238308
10 217280
9 194250
8 171221
7 148191
6 125162
5 102132
4 79102
3 5673
2 3343

Here’s a search string you can use to find perfect IV Bulbasaurs in your Pokémon storage:


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Catching Percentage Chart

Bulbasaur’s base catch rate is 20%, same as Pikachu’s catch rate. This means Bulbasaur will be more difficult to catch than Dratini during the Community Day, despite most players having Gold GRASS and POISON medals.

We prepared a table for common Bulbasaur catch scenarios. Assumes that you have double gold medals and that throws are curved:

NormalNice30% – 36%
Great37% – 45%
Excellent45% – 50%
GreatNice41% – 49%
Great50% – 59%
Excellent60% – 65%
UltraNice50% – 59%
Great60% – 69%
Excellent70% – 75%


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Tips and Notes 

Bulbasaur Has a Base Flee rate of 10% 

“Great” Curve throw + Great or Ultra Ball = Less than 5% flee, even at Level 35 with a worst possible throw, the flee rate goes up to 17% at level 35.

Burn Through That Incense!

Image result for Incense Pokemon go

Community Day is the perfect time to dust off those incense and use them! Incense spawns will be mostly Bulbasaur (based on the last community day).

Set the Pokemon Go Plus with only Spin PokeStops

On average, the Go+ has a less 50% chance of catching a 320CP or lower Bulbasaur. And a less than 40% Chance on a 540CP or lower Dratini.

Shiny Bulbasaur

From the past 2 Community Day, it is noted that Shiny Family is released on the Community Day. If released here’s how Shiny Bulbasaur Family looks like.

Pokemon GO Shiny BulbasaurPokemon GO Shiny IvysaurPokemon GO Shiny Venusaur


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