Trainers, the holiday event is now live bringing a lot of happiness along with some new Gen 4 Pokemon, Shinies, Complete Raid Boss Shakeup along with many exciting rewards!

You can check-out the Countdown Timer of Event and Every Reward at PokeTimer

New Wild Species

Holiday Event brings a new wave of Sinnoh Pokemon, New Pokemon like Skorupi, Finneon, Snover and much more.

List of New Pokemon in the Wild:

  • Skorupi (evolves into Drapion – found in the wild)
  • Finneon (evolves into Lumineon – found in the wild)
  • Bronzor (evolves into Bronzong – found in the wild)
  • Snover (evolves into Abomasnow – found in the wild)
  • Croagunk (evolves into Toxicroak – found in the wild)

New Shinies

A Event is incomplete without bringing new shiny Pokemon, the event not only brought Shiny Delibird, but along with Shiny Azurill and Shiny Festive Pikachu

  1. Shiny Azurill hatched from 7KM Egg
  2. Shiny Delibird has also been encountered in the wild!
  3. Shiny Santa Hat Pikachu has been encountered in the wild!

Raid Boss Shakeup

Heatran has arrived along with many new faces in the raid tier

Tier:Raid Bosses:
Tier 1Shinx, Shellder, Magikarp, Buizel, Snorunt
Tier 2Sneasel, Dewgong, Mawile, Alolan Exeggutor
Tier 3Piloswine, Jynx, Machamp, Alolan Raichu
Tier 4Walrein, Lapras, Alolan Marowak, Tyranitar
Tier 5Heatran


  • MantykeMunchlax, and Chingling have been added to the 7KM Pool


  • New Delibird-themed avatar cosmetics are now in the shop