Trainers, the Holiday Event is live and has brought a lot of Happiness with the exciting rewards.

You can check-out the Countdown Timer of Event and Every Reward at PokeTimer

One of the rewards is Throughout the Event, the old and new Baby Pokemon will available in 7KM Egg!

Remember, only Munchlax, Azurill, and Smoochum were announced to have increased hatch rates this event.

TheSilphRoad Research Team did pretty good research by collecting a number of 7KM hatches and concluding the survey, but still, the number is less and this is just the PRELIMINARY data and Results shared by the research team!

The three new baby Pokemon count around 5% of all hatches!

Here’s the Result shared by the TSR Team:

Munchlax ~ 1:20

Thus far, Munchlax weighs in inside the Research Group’s hatches at approximately a 5% (1/20) hatch rate in the 7km egg group in both the pre-18th period and post.

PeriodControlled HatchesRate
Before the Dec 21 change32/6504.92%
After the Dec 21 change7/1484.73%
Both periods combined39/7984.89%

Azurill & Smoochum

Azurill’s shiny was released this event! This Pokemon appears to have the same odds as Munchlax (if not slightly better).

PeriodControlled HatchesRate
Before the Dec 21 change45/6506.92%
After the Dec 21 change6/1484.05%
Both periods combined51/7986.39%

Smoochum looks preliminarily to be 2x as common, sitting at a likely 1:10 odds.

Chingling & Mantyke

Chingling and Mantyke are not officially part of the Event, and it appears it is the Highest known egg rarity tier. The odds may be 16x rarer than the most common hatches.