Trainers, Snorlax is now available as a Field Research reward and In addition to Snorlax, more Kanto Quests based Field Research quests are available at PokéStops around the world.

This page lists all the new Confirmed field research with the lists of Rewards provided for each quest, we’ll add new quests and rewards as we get confirmed report for it!

Few quests which are catching everyone attractions are getting a Chansey as a reward by Hatching 5 Eggs and a Dratini by winning a level 3 or higher raid. [As of now there are no reports regarding the Ditto as a Reward, Maybe Ditto Quest will be released in the later stage]

Let’s Dive in and discover all the quests and rewards!

The Dortmund Safari Zone Global Reward will be starting in next few hours. Check the PokeTimer for your Local start time: PokeTimer – Visit Here

Types of Fields Research

  1. Catch Tasks
  2. Throw Tasks
  3. Evolution and Power up Tasks
  4. Gym Battle Tasks
  5. Miscellaneous Tasks

Kanto Quests – Encounter and Special Rewards

Catch Tasks

Catch 10 PokémonMagikarp
Catch 3 fire, grass, or water PokémonPikachu
Catch 2 Ice-type PokémonJynxPokemon GO Jynx
Catch a Dragon-type Pokémon3 Rare candy, 2 Golden razzberry
Catch 5 Pokémon with Weather BoostVulpix, PoliwagPokemon GO VulpixPokemon GO Poliwag

Throw Tasks

Make 3 Curveball Throws in a rowGolduckPokemon GO Golduck
Make a Nice ThrowSlowpokePokemon GO Slowpoke
Land a Nice Curved Throw and Catch itGastlyPokemon GO Gastly
Make 5 Nice ThrowsVoltorbPokemon GO Voltorb
Make 3 Great ThrowsGastlyPokemon GO Gastly
Make 3 Great Throws in a rowOnixPokemon GO Onix
Make an Excellent Curveball ThrowAbsolFolks it’s gone!
Make 3 Excellent Throws in a rowLarvitarPokemon GO Larvitar

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Evolution and Power up Tasks

Evolve a PokémonEeveePokemon GO Eevee
Evolve a Water-type PokémonSquirtle, SeelPokemon GO SquirtlePokemon GO Seel
Evolve a Grass-type PokémonBulbasaurPokemon GO Bulbasaur
Evolve a Fire-type PokémonCharmanderPokemon GO Charmander
Evolve 1 Electric, Fire, or Grass-type PokémonEeveePokemon GO Eevee
Power up Pokémon 3 timesStaryuPokemon GO Staryu
Power up Pokémon 5 timesBulbasaur, Squirtle, CharmanderPokemon GO BulbasaurPokemon GO CharmanderPokemon GO Squirtle

Gym Battle Tasks 

Battle in a GymMankeyPokemon GO Mankey
Battle in a Gym 5 timesMachopPokemon GO Machop
Win a Gym battleBulbasaur, Squirtle, CharmanderPokemon GO BulbasaurPokemon GO CharmanderPokemon GO Squirtle
Win 3 Gym battlesJynxPokemon GO Jynx
Use a supereffective Charged Attack in 7 Gym battlesElectabuzzPokemon GO Electabuzz
Win a level 3 Raid or higherDratiniPokemon GO Dratini

Miscellaneous Tasks

Hatch an EggExeggcutePokemon GO Exeggcute
Hatch 3 EggsMagmarPokemon GO Magmar
Hatch 5 eggsChanseyPokemon GO Chansey
Earn a candy walking with your buddyKrabbyPokemon GO Krabby
Catch a Pokémon using 5 berriesLicktungPokemon GO Lickitung
Catch a Ditto1500 Stardust, 2 Golden Razz, 3 Rare Candy
Use a supereffective Charged Attack in 7 Gym battles1500 Stardust
Win 3 Raids1 Fast TM

Did we miss anything?

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Special Thanks to MountainDuck for Providing a Compiled list of all quests

July Kanto Quests Infographics

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