All of us have been asking this same question ever since the first community Day took place in January.

And well we might as well have an answer to this question now.

As per the survey conducted by fellow Redditor @chflorian the chances of catching a shiny on the Community day stand at 1 in 25 i.e roughly 4%

Due credits to @chflorian for undertaking the survey and giving us the rough estimate of having a Shiny caught on a Community day Event.

Chflorian collected data from local and online groups for the Dratini Event this week and came out with the following results.

  • The data was collected from 1389 individuals
  • Recorded Catches : 186252
  • Recorded Shinies : 7526
  • Average amount of catches per individual : 134
  • Average amount of Shinies per individual : 5
Shiny Dratini Community Day

you have higher chances of encountering a Shiny Pokemon on Community day

Average Shiny Rate

7526/186252 = 0.0404 or 4.04%
5/134 = 0.0373 or 3.73%

Another Redditor @rozo1971 also confirmed similar results from a survey conducted in his local community with the sample size of 56 participant.

Before we move ahead, this is just an average number of catches that people took before encountering a shiny. This does not garauntee a shiny catch every 25 catches.

That’s it for now guys!!

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