Trainers, As a part of recent Pokemon GO Beyond update, A rebalanced levelling system that includes a level cap increase to 50 is now live Pokemon GO along with this trainers will also be able to level up their Pokemon beyond level 40 till level 50.

In order to power-up Pokémon beyond Level 40, you will require XL Candy and Stardust and minimum level required to obtain XL candy is level 40.

We have collated the currently available information into this post and will soon update the post once information is available.

Candy to XL Candy Conversion

According to reports, You will require 100 regular Candy to make 1 XL Candy. This is quite huge but there are also make sources to acquire XL Candy.

Powerup Requirements

To Power up a Pokemon, you will require a different number of XL candies and stardust. Below chart mentions the XL Candy required to Power up.

LevelXL CandyStardust

According to reports on Reddit, Powering up Purified Pokémon will cost less XL candy whereas Shadow Pokémon a lot more.

r/TheSilphRoad - Verification, purified pokemon get slight XL candy discountr/TheSilphRoad - Verification, shadow pokemon cost alot of XL candy

Power up candy requirement chart credit to PokeMiner.

How to get XL Candy

Other than conversion from normal candies, there are many other sources discovered to obtain XL candy.

According to reports XL Candy can be obtained through the following activities:

  • Trading can reward XL Candy – Temporarily disabled by Niantic
  • Mass transferring same species can reward you multiple XL Candies
  • Catching Legendary bosses after raids can reward XL Candy
  • Egg hatches can reward XL Candy.
  • Catching Pokemon can also reward XL Candy.
  • Mystery Box can reward up to 18 XL Meltan Candy during 1 hour of activation.
r/TheSilphRoad - [New info] Just got XL candy from egg hatchr/TheSilphRoad - (Discovery) Trading can award XL candies

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