As mentioned in Niantic released new Boxes for the Kanto Celebration and believe it’s bang for the buck, if you loved the February Community Day boxes you surely make the purchase this one.

Kanto Celebration Box Sale

Premium Raid Pass61224
Lure Module410
Lucky Egg612
Star Piece14
Pinap Berry1016
Box value analysis
Raid Pass Price per Box806561.67
Overall Discount in coins
(Raid Pass only)
Overall Discount in coins
(All purchasable items)
Percent Discount (Raid Pass)20%35%38.33%
Percent Discount
(All purchasable items)


Frankly speaking, the boxes are Bang for the Buck, best till now for raid passes. This set of boxes is the best Niantic has released when it comes to Raid Passes, even better than the last sale.

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let’s now analyze each box

Special Box

If you really don’t want to spend much money but want to make few raids, this Box is for you, this box doesn’t have great saving, we suggest you to money and go to for bigger boxes.

Great Box

If you plan on getting more raids (only raids) than Great Box is for you, the Great Box is technically better than Special Box and discount near to ultra box. You’re not missing much in the Great box, instead of Lure modules you’re getting incense, if you love incense over lure modules go for the great box.

Ultra Box

This box is for intense raiders, it’s a steal for the price. Looking beyond Raid Passes, 10 Lure modules, 12 Lucky Eggs and 14 Star Piece all three helps you in getting the 2x Stardust and XP. The Lucky Eggs included are a plus as well, especially if you do multiple raids within 30 minutes. This is the must buy among boxes.

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