The Hype train is getting closer, the Pokemon Go new update Apk is out and without a doubt, it is the biggest APK release we’ve got in a while. With over 20k lines of code changed and two dozens of new trading-related assets. The 0.107.1 is the biggest release for Pokemon GO!

You can download the APK on APK Mirror, but it will probably become available on Play Stores very soon.

You’re warned ahead of time, this APK tear down is massive and it contains spoilers!

So here we go!

  1. Trading and GoFest 2018 Badges
  2. Alolan Forms (Normal and Shiny)
  3. New Loading Screen
  4. Trading Rules
  5. Player Reputation
  6. New Move: Hydro Cannon
  7. New Visual Changes – New Avatar Screen Layout – New Gym Notification Tab – New Login Screen

Trading and GoFest 2018 Badges

New Badges have appeared in the APK assets, highlighting the Trading and GoFest 2018 activities!


Here’s how the new trading Golden Badges look

A golden badge for Trading distance

A golden badge for Trading distance

A golden badge for number of completed trades

A golden badge for the number of completed trades

A golden badge for the number of levelled up friendships

A golden badge for the number of leveled up friendships

Here’s how new GoFest 2018 Badge looks like, we have also included the GoFest 2017 Badge for comparsion!

GO Fest 2018 badge

GO Fest 2018 badge

GO Fest 2017 badge

GO Fest 2017 badge


Alolan Forms (Normal and Shiny)

In addition to Badges, sound effects, the Alolan spirits were discovered in the network traffic. The Spirits of all Alolan Form along with their shiny forms are now available in the New Update!

The credits for this discovery go to Chrales, the regular Pokemon GO network analyst and reverse engineering master.

Alolan Pokemon sprites in Pokemon GO

Alolan Pokemon sprites in Pokemon GO

Alolan Form Typings and Look?

Please visit our Alolan Form Page, we have mentioned the new Alolan Form Typing and Looks – Visit Here

Note: Alolan Form will be available through special 7KM Egg which can be obtained through gifts from Friend.

New Loading Screen

Niantic always brings new loading screen for major updates, and obviously for this one also! The new loading screen features the all-new alolan forms and the surfing alolan Raichu looks cool!

Pokemon Go Alolan Wallpaper

Pokemon Go Alolan Wallpaper

Trading Rules

Well, most of the trading rules are mentioned in our previous post. Here found some new things which may error out during the trade.

Criteria for Trading

  • You and your friend have to be able to afford the trade,
  • You need to have both reached the lowest required trading level
  • Your daily trading limit (Special trades) mustn’t be already met

Additional Rules

The Pokemon you’re attempting to trade can’t be

  • Mythical
  • Slashed
  • Buddy
  • Gym Deployed
  • Not fully Healed

The Game defines 5 Level of Friendship, we already mentioned the benefits of friendship level in our previous post


Player Reputation

In order to counter Spoofers and bot, Niantic has introduced a new client-side tool: Player reputation

According to the APK each player can be marked as

  • Bot
  • Spoofer

And there are a few lines of code that deals with a concept called “repeated reputation”.

New Move: Hydro Cannon

Hydro Cannon, or in other words, move with ID 0299, is now available in the game. Imagine a WATER starter exclusive move? We have little doubts on which Pokemon will be the next Community Day feature


And yes the new move matches with our theory!

Theory: Niantic’s Pattern reveal Probable Next Community day Pokemon

Visual Changes

Few New Visual changes were observed in the New APK

New Avatar Layout

Clearing room at the top for the trainer and friends tab names it appears

New Avatar Layout

New Avatar Layout

New Notification Tab

New Notification Tab

New Notification Tab

New Login Screen

New Login Screen

New Login Screen

Did we miss anything?

Feel free to ask anything else you may want to know. If we can’t answer them, maybe someone else reading can. Let us know in the comments below and join the discussion on our Pokemon Go – WorldWide Niantic News Update Facebook Group!